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Why and how does meditation make you happier?

I don’t know if you practiced or are currently practicing meditation, but if the answer is no, this should definitely give you the boost to at least try it out. Think of meditation as your course that teaches you how to connect...



Fun Family Activities to do in the Winter

The winter season is full of many family holidays and fun times together. But sometimes the winter weather can make it difficult to find fun family activities that the whole family will enjoy. Small children tend to like...

Do clothes speak louder than words?

Have you ever wondered whether the clothes you pick in the morning say something about you or your personality? Because they sure do! You might think that you pick that blouse randomly from your closet and add a blazer to it but...

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How does fighting affect your children?

How many times do you remember sitting in the same room with your parents and being a spectator to their fights? Because I for one can recall a great deal of times. Times when I did not know exactly what was going on, whether it...

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Red wine and the battle with cavities

I am aware of how ironic the fact that wine can actually help you fight cavities sounds, given the fact that it’s well known for staining your teeth. However, according to a recent study led by Spanish researchers, the...

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