Hello dear readers,

My name is Mike T. Nesbitt and I want to share my story with you on his page. I thought this might be the best chance of making myself heard and reach out to as many people as possible. Because what I have to say is worth, at least, hearing.

Who am I?

Jillian ParkerI am a random US citizen, just like you guys, who has been struggling with extra weight since forever. My story doesn’t have any kind of dramatic twist, it could as well be your story. I hope many of you will be able to empathize with my words and I will give you the strength you need in order to fight back the extra kilos.

Ever since I remember, I’ve always been a chubby child. I recall my classmates screaming names at me such as “piggy girl” or “can you fit through the door?” It was a terrible time for me but I was hoping as I grow up things will get better, fat will somehow miraculously spread over my body and my belly and big back will not be so obvious.

Of course, I was wrong. High-school still caught me as being a chubby teenager and I felt the meanness of my colleagues far more acutely than before. However, I had someone on my side who gave me a push that I needed so much.

One day my mom turned to me and said “Why don’t we go out to take a run at times?” and that’s when it really started. I noticed that I actually enjoyed physical activities and in a couple of months I saw a version of myself that I’ve never seen before. I started fitting in smaller clothes and walking didn’t seem so exhausting as before.

Where did it all go wrong?

So far I am sure it sounds like a very nice story and you think to yourself I found the miracle. Somehow I did, but I lost it just as fast. I continued my physical activities and I kept in shape for a long time. I met this amazing guy and we got married, right after college. I was thinking to myself that I never imagined that poor chubby child could ever be so happy and fulfilled.

But in a way it was indeed, too good to be true. A couple of years after our marriage I started to notice certain strange signs. I had a feeling my husband was cheating on me. And once I started to pay attention to the small details, it didn’t take long until I had the proof that I was right. He was cheating on me.

He was cheating on me with one of his tall, slim, beautiful coworkers. I instantly packed all my things, filed for divorce, moved out. After a long and ugly divorce I was on my own again. I just couldn’t get that woman’s image out of my head. It seemed to me that after all my striving, all my effort, I was still not enough. I was not slim enough, not beautiful enough in order to be enough for my husband.

I started sliding towards an obvious depression. I stopped exercising and I ate a lot of comfort food. In no time I gained a lot of weight. I just no longer cared. I thought to myself that I was alone anyway, that nobody could ever like me and that this was the true me.

Then it happened

One day while I was searching for some ice-cream in the fridge I felt a strange pain in my chest. I managed to call the ambulance before feeling even worse and then I woke up in the hospital. It seemed my heart started to fail me. The doctors urged me to lose weight and lose it fast if I wanted a real chance at staying alive.

This was my wake up signal. All along I have been so wrong, thinking that weight loss is all about looking good and pretty, when actually it was all about health. I started reading more and more about the subject and I realized that what happened to me was not at all uncommon. On the contrary, it could have been a lot worse.

I was scared and looking for fast solutions. In my current state I was not allowed, nor could have I exercised enough in order to see visible effects. I needed a dietary plan, something that could actually work.

Keto burn protocol

That was the moment I came across Keto Burn Protocol. At first it just seemed too good to be true. But the more I read into it and the scientific background behind it, it just started to make sense. I thought I should give it a try, after all, I had nothing to lose.

I began the program and I was shocked to see that it didn’t take much until actual results started to show.

What did I get?

  • A list of foods
  • Combination of foods
  • Perfect recipes
  • A schedule that could keep me on track

Plus there was the 60 days money back guarantee which made me feel a lot more confident in the whole program. Looking backwards now, it might have been the best investment I have ever made. I managed to get my old life back, my old self back and not just that. I was basically a better version of my old self. I didn’t have to starve or to go through some extra gym classes in order to keep my weight under control.

Should you try it?

You really should. And not just because I tell you to, there are plenty of other people that can vouch that the keto protocol really did work for them. But you don’t even have to trust them. All you have to do is believe in yourself and try it out because you are worth a better life, a better chance to a healthy life.

All in all, I just want to say that I am grateful for all the help I received from this keto protocol program. They helped me change my life and see what really matter, see that it is not just about looks but also what’s on the inside. Give it a try today and you will surely not regret it!

Keto Burn Protocol

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