1. The Call: A ten-year-old Brockton, Massachusetts, boy called 911, then abruptly hung up.

When the dispatcher called back: She discovered the problem: Much to the boy’s annoyance, his mother was insisting that he go to bed. 


2. The Call: A woman in Dacula, Georgia, contacted police when 
her Chevy van went missing.

Before police could act: The woman called back, saying she’d found the vehicle in her yard, hidden behind some weeds.


3. The Call: A Romanian man called the police to report hearing a strange noise in a house.

When Cops Arrived: They realized the man was in fact burglarizing the place, so they arrested him.

Upon Further Investigation: 
The noise he’d heard was made by the homeowner’s cat.

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4. The Call: A man in Lincoln, Nebraska, arrived home one day to find he’d been burglarized—his favorite hookah pipes were missing.

When Cops Arrived: They stumbled upon the pot plants that the man was growing and took him in.


5. The Call: When a British man saw a mysterious flying object that lit up the sky, he immediately phoned the authorities.

Before Police Could act: The man called back, saying the mystery was solved. The UFO was actually the moon. 


6. The Call: A Norwegian man dialed the police to complain that he was unable to leave the hair salon where he was getting a trim.

Upon Further Investigation: Police learned the man couldn’t leave because he so loathed his haircut, he was too embarrassed to be seen.

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