Moe Kare!!, Vol. 01

Moe Kare Vol Wakamiya Hikaru is a year old teenager who wants a boyfriend that ll protect her She likes to read shoujo manga all the time One day she gets kissed by a handsome perverted boy who she called the

  • Title: Moe Kare!!, Vol. 01
  • Author: Gō Ikeyamada
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wakamiya Hikaru is a 15 year old teenager who wants a boyfriend that ll protect her She likes to read shoujo manga all the time One day, she gets kissed by a handsome, perverted boy who she called the Perverted Prince Later on, she finds a guy who looks exactly like him, but the eyes are different What s going on

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      264 Gō Ikeyamada
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    About “Gō Ikeyamada

    • Gō Ikeyamada

      G Ikeyamada , born May 25 is a Japanese manga artist She made her debut with Get Love in 2002, which was serialized in Sh jo Comic Her manga mostly consists for a young adult audience, due to some explicit content.

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    • I stupidly read the entire series. Who needs to sleep when there is this, predictable blah there for me to read? I really should have stopped here or the next one, but by book 4 I was like, "yes I'm bored, but I need to know what happens next!" That's how bad TV shows get you too. Very clever Ikeyamada, very clever indeed. Anyway-Maybe I should write something that resembles a review here.There's Arta, who is practically abusive, almost a rapist, and a sex fiend. Takara, who is clueless for like [...]

    • Moe Kare!! by Go IkeyamadaStart with a girl who has not liked read guys exceept one in books but then things change. Being young and in love but seems like your just chases his shadow was what was happening at first but then things get intresting.Then throw in a unknown about half brother, who hate the guy you love and teases you but also looks like him but with only one thing different in looks.But in personality they could never be seen as the same person.One bing the straight lace guy and the [...]

    • Para empezar tengo que admitir algo: compré toda la serie de Moe kare!! de segunda mano en alemán pero el primer tomo estaba demasiado caro. Costaba más o menos 30€, sólo el primero Así que tuve que comprarlo en español. Por lo tanto esta será la única reseña en español de toda la serie.Gō Ikeyamada me gusta mucho como autora. Sus personajes son siempre vívidos y reales y las chicas tienen a menudo un carácter fuerte. Ya he leído Uwasa no Midori-kun y Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!? y me [...]

    • Dilihat dari segi cerita, beneran deh alay banget. Dua cowok yang miriiip banget. Takara dan Arata, sebenarnya punya ayah yang sama tapi beda ibu. Wajah mereka mirip banget. Mereka saling membenci tapi suka sama satu cewek yang sama. Dan jadilah mereka rebutan cewek ini. Tapi dibalik ceritanya yang alay itu, entah kenapa enjoy banget baca komik ini. Selain gambarnya yang bagus, ada lucu-lucunya juga, dan ada smut-nya hehe ^^" Setelah baca chapter 20 ke atas, ceritanya makin seru n makin menegang [...]

    • Manga shojo lebayDua orang cowok berwajah sama tapi beda ibu (nb: apa mungkin bisa kembar ya?). (Kalo ga salah) yang membedakan: sifat, warna bola mata, dan letak tanda lahir, suka sama satu cewek yang sama jadinya mereka rebutan deh.Konflik cukup seru, apalagi si cewek jadian sama cowok yang kuharapkan. Tapiii. yang bikin aku sebel itu selain adegan semut-semutnya (apalagi pelakunya masih SMA (atau SMP ya?)), kok bisa-bisanya si cewek disukai sama dua orang cowok? aku aja ga pernah #ngiri Ga te [...]

    • Omg!! O_O" If i was in Wakamiya Hikaru's place, i probably would've cried. XD hahaha i mean Your First Kiss had to be with some Perverted guy you just met! then the following day you were invited to a group date only to meet 1 guy of the group who looks like the Perverted Prince but isnt actually him damn. =)) lol anyway, Honda Takara-kun is really handsome! :"> heehee He's so hot and cool. XD OMGAWD! even i would probably get a nosebleed. hahaha i also love the way that he's so slow! XD it's [...]

    • 6++ Stars!! (☆∀☆)OMG THIS MANGA IS REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD!! (・∀・)bI've never read any shoujo manga like this before!It's so unique, original, funny, and soooo unpredictable!!! Although it's a lil bit echi too LOLAnd well, shoujo manga is shoujo manga. If you're an otaku you know how it feels like when you're reading a shoujo mangaThis is my first experience reading Ikeyamada Go's manga. And I heard her mangas are all amazing. I can't wait to read the next chapters of this manga an [...]

    • Historia muy machista y con tintes de culebrón absurdo. Aquí adjunto una reseña explicando esa opinión (en realidad no es mía, pero coincido completamente tras leer la obra en cuestión): lasangrealrio.wordpress/2

    • see full review @ Katie's CornerI was looking through my manga reviews and saw that apparently I haven't yet posted only one story by Go Ikeyamada - Get Love. And that's one of my favourite manga-kas. I know I have quite a lot of those, but technically she's on par with Chiba Kozue, Kanan Minami and Mayu Shinjo. I love her stories and I love her art. She's one of those who masterfully delivers love stories with a lot of humor. And very soon I will be reviewing her other works though the ones tha [...]

    • Ok, now before starting this book I had seen the 'Warning: may contain strong language or inappropriate content'. I am both happy and unhappy that I listened to that.First off, the art in this book is phenominal. Really eye pleasing and easily drawn that the reader is glad to be reading this series.The plot is original-ish, but there are parts where I wish the plot could be changed. I was actually surprised that Takaru and Akara ARE NOT TWINS. They are actually half brothers from two different m [...]

    • This was one of the stupidest romance manga that I've ever read. Excuse me if I go and puke my stomach out.Okay. So I didn't enjoy this much. The start bothered me, but then things went well and Hikaru and Takara were together, true to each other and totally a couple. And Hikaru always had her heart in it. But the last twelve chapters pissed me off!!! WHY??? I get it's supposed to be a romance and all, but still, the plot line is so LAME.I'm so angry for pushing myself through 35 chapters. It's [...]

    • Let me start off by saying this is not a fairly mature manga. Let it be known that kids under 15 (maybe 13) probably shouldn't read this. I only say this because the story line becomes incredibly sexual at times.Other than that, it was definitely an interesting story. Wakamiya Hikaru ends up meeting two boys who are identical in appearance, however completely opposite when it comes to their personalities. One is a lustful hoodlum while the other is a reserved and respected athlete. As you'd imag [...]

    • Not appropriate for kids, since many of the humor originate from sexual content. However, it is light hearted love story about a very gullible, perverted airhead. However, she is loyal so I'll grant her that. The main male characters are two different people, one of them a terrible playboy and the other a dense and kind model student. I personally don't like the fact that the playboy gets away with touching the main character sexually without her consent(funny how he only touches her, though). I [...]

    • "Moe Kare" has to be one of the stories i 'awe'd' multiple times per chapter. Hikaru was your typical 'girly girl' : a cute girl who loves shoujo manga and enjoys talking about boys and makeup. Who would have known that her story was going to take such a drastic turn: from when she met Arata 'the perverted prince' to when she misjudged and confused his apparent brother, Takara. To be completely honest, if i were Hikaru, I would have been torn and wouldn't be able to choose between any of them. I [...]

    • This is a review for the entire manga seriesThe manga itself was pretty entertaining but overall really predictable for me. I could already assume the ending by the time the story really started to take place.The characters were okay, not the best but not the worst.Kind of a cliche nothing, new manga but it was still good in general.The main girl character was kind of annoying at times though.The art was okay. I'm not really into the whole idea of high schoolers looking like elementary/middle sc [...]

    • aku salah satu penggemar Ikeyamada Go !!gambarnya oke sih cowoknya cakep2 XDtapii apa cuma perasaanku sih dy kalo gambar otot agak kaku gmna gtu haha tp it's okay !cerita ?? uhuk uhukk.rvert nya lumayan banyak huahahaha !jdi ini komik dewasa ya !! yang dibawah 17tahun ga boleh baca !baca komiknya selalu bkin ga bisa tidur >< gelisah dan bkin badan panas dinginn ! :p komik ini udah langka sih sekarang harganya juga lumayan mahal

    • I think this story is really sweet. From the moment I read this manga I wanted to be Hikaru because I would have made the same mistakes she did and all of the same choices. I adore the end of this story and I always keep on coming back to that last page. P.S. I've always been on the Hikaru x Arata ship mainly because Arata's my kind of guy. Another good manga to check out is Bitter Virgin. #awsome

    • this series is ok, but a little graphic for my taste. i hate how hikaru is so scared of losing takara, or maybe "not being worthy" or whatev, that she will do anything in order to make him like her. it also TOTALLY bugs me that hikaru is so stubborn that she won't accept that arata likes her! he really wants to be with her! agh!!!!

    • I justey're minorsd justWHAT.If you're going for smut (I mean they didn't do anything) at least make them older. Holy shit.

    • I cried when Takura and Hikaru finally said a real good bye to each other. I love it when Arata and Hikaru end up together! This was a great series! This was very emotional and sad. But it had a great happy ending! :)

    • aku punya semua seri komik karangan go ikeyamadasemuanya menarik banget buat dibacagood job ikayemada sensei!moekare ini ceritanya buat pembacanya dibawa ketawa sendiri,sakit hati sendiriterbawa banget deh emosinyaendingnyapuas bangettku sihca aj y

    • I LOVE THIS MANGAI was team Takara but I became team Arata after volume 5One word: Arata ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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