The Future Scrolls

The Future Scrolls For the first time in paperback New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels presents the compelling tale of two strangers thrown together in a desperate race to save an innocent child THE FUTURE S

  • Title: The Future Scrolls
  • Author: Fern Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780821775868
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the first time in paperback New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels presents the compelling tale of two strangers thrown together in a desperate race to save an innocent child THE FUTURE SCROLLS To Manhattan editor Dani Arnold, it might have sounded like something out of a novel But when she impulsively comes to the aid of a lost child, she finds herse For the first time in paperback New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels presents the compelling tale of two strangers thrown together in a desperate race to save an innocent child THE FUTURE SCROLLS To Manhattan editor Dani Arnold, it might have sounded like something out of a novel But when she impulsively comes to the aid of a lost child, she finds herself plunged into a mystery dangerous than anything on the city streets with an enigmatic stranger who threatens everything she believes in t fascinates her in a way no other man ever has Dr Alex Mendenares will do anything to keep his daughter safe Anything except reveal the potentially devastating secret that has been guarded by his family for centuries But he never bargained on meeting someone like Dani Arnold, who instantly captures his little girl s heart and lights an unexpected spark in his own Now, against the most deadly odds, Alex must place his trust in a woman he barely knows.but would like to know much better Praise for FERN MICHAELS A fun read.will keep readers on tenterhooks Booklist on KENTUCKY RICH A tribute to the author People on PLAIN JANE

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      Fern Michaels isn t a person I m not sure she s an entity either since an entity is something with separate existence Fern Michaels is what I DO Me, Mary Ruth Kuczkir Growing up in Hastings, Pennsylvania, I was called Ruth I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day To this day, family and friends call me Dink, a name my father gave me when I was born because according to him I was a dinky little thing weighing in at four and a half pounds However, I answer to Fern since people are comfortable with a name they can pronounce.As they say, the past is prologue I grew up, got a job, got married, had five kids When my youngest went off to Kindergarten, my husband told me to get off my ass and get a job Those were his exact words I didn t know how to do anything except be a wife and mother I was also a voracious reader having cut my teeth on The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Cherry Ames and the like The library was a magical place for me It still is to this day Rather than face the outside world with no skills, I decided to write a book For some reason that didn t intimidate me As my husband said at the time, stupid is as stupid does Guess what, I don t have that husband any Guess what else I wrote 99 books, most of them New York Times Best Sellers.Moving right along here Several years ago I left Ballantine Books, parted company with my agent, sold my house in New Jersey that I had lived in all my married life and in 1993 moved to South Carolina I figured if I was going to go through trauma let it be all at one time It was a breeze The kids were all on their own at that point The dump was a 300 year old plantation house that is listed in the National Registry that I remodeled Today it is beyond belief as are the gardens and the equally old Angel Oaks that drip Spanish moss Unfortunately, I could not get my ghost to relocate This ghost has been documented by previous owners Mary Margaret as we call her, is a friendly She is also mischievous It took me two weeks to figure out that she didn t like my coffee cups They would slide off the table or counter or else they d break in the dishwasher I bought red checkered ones All are intact as of this writing She moves pillows from one room to the other and she stops all the clocks in the house at 9 10 in the a.m at least once a week When the Azaleas are in bloom, and only then, I find blooms on my night stand I have this glorious front porch and during the warm months I see my swing moving early in the morning when the air is still and again late in the day She doesn t spook the dogs I always know when she s around because the five of them line up and look like they re at a tennis match As of this writing we re co habiting nicely.Most writers love what they do and I m no exception I love it when I get a germ of an idea and get it down on paper I love breathing life into my characters I love writing about women who persevere and prevail because that s what I had to do to get to this point in time It s another way of saying it doesn t matter where you ve been, what matters is where you re going and how you get there The day I finally prevailed was the day I was inducted into the New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame For me it was an awesome day and there are no words to describe it.I ve been telling stories and scribbling for 37 years I hope I can continue for another 37 years It wasn t easy during some of those years As I said, I had to persevere My old Polish grandmother said something to me when I was little that I never forgot She said when God is good to you, you have to give back For a while I didn t know how to do that When I finally figured it out I set up The Fern Michaels Foundation READ FERN MICHAELS FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE fernmichaels biography

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    • I got this book at one of those stuff-as-many-books-as-you-can-in-a-bag-for-a-buck sales. I thought it sounded interesting, but was I ever wrong. I HATED this book. The dialogue was extremely awkward and came off almost foreign like someone did a crappy job of translating it from Vulcan or something. And there was zero chemistry between the main character and her romantic counterpart I almost hoped that they didn't end up together because they were just so wrong. I regret the space this book too [...]

    • The Future Scrolls are intriguing The child in this book will steal your heart and will keep you wondering about her well being. There‚Äôs fun, mystery and romance that will keep you reading until the end of the book!

    • In addition to being a chain smoker and on her way to an alcohol addiction, Dani, our "heroine," is probably the stupidest person on the planet. She makes decisions throughout the entire book that make absolutely no sense (from taking a lost child home, to letting a child in danger of being kidnapped walk the streets of New York on her own). Our hero's actions are also incomprehensible to me. Alex leaves Dani in the blind most of the time. At times she can't even contact him. And wouldn't you hi [...]

    • This book is a clear case of warping the world to further your plot. By page 22 I was already reading with raised eyebrows. The female main character sees a lost little girl in an airport and takes her home. In what universe is that the correct action? Why didn't she go to the front desk and have someone announce the her name and ask her parents to come and get her? Why didn't she alert one of the millions of cops and homeland security agents milling around the airport? Why didn't she just buy t [...]

    • This was a silly, light read, but I did finish the book. I am not sure why I keep reading Fern Michaels, but I seem to pick them up. In this book the heroine finds a lost child, brings her home, and after a few meek attempts to look for her family waits for them to find her. She does not go to the police. Then there is this bit with the power/control of the hero, as well as how he plans on using his daughter as bait. When the child gets kidnapped apparently the hero knows exactly where she is, a [...]

    • The book was okay. I don't really know what to say. It's something I could have written when I was ten. Maria is the ten-year-old and she uses grammar that's far more intellectual for her age; she speaks better than most my friends.Alex and Dani seem to hate each other until the last three pages they say, "Oh I love you".Really?And all of the Aah, Awk, ugh!, stuff is a bit much. Also, I've never heard a character talk to herself so much. And there are pages upon pages of just what the cat does.U [...]

    • I did read this book all the way through, so it kept my interest, but it was just light recreational reading. The whole story was a little unbelievable from the beginning when the main character, Dani Arnold, comes across a lost little girl and takes her home rather than to the police, to the attraction she had for the father of the girl. He was ridiculously controlling, yet she was drawn to him anyway. Oh well, it was just a story. I've probably read other Fern Michaels books, though I can't re [...]

    • I liked this story but thought the ending left me a little flat. It's an interesting premise which could have been developed a little more. We learn of the scrolls and are informed that they are important but they are not the central focus of the story. I rather enjoyed the interaction of the central characters (father, daughter, woman who is drawn into the drama after finding the 'lost' child). The book is quite witty in parts as our South American male interacts with our North American female. [...]

    • Undoubtedly, the worst book I've ever read! Unrealistic characters with bizarre behavior. Ending leaves you hanging. I trudged through to the end in hopes of learning specifically what the scrolls contained but other than knowing that the "hero" needed to give them to the Pope.I could probably write more about the specifics of what I did not like about this book -- but the bottom line is that it was a waste of time to read it and I'd never recommend it to anyone. I don't know if I'll ever take t [...]

    • This book has many twists and turns. Somethings were unrealistic in my opinion. Who would pick up a child on a park bench and take her home? I would be on the way to the police department so fast! But regardless of the some of the unrealistic scenarios, it was a very good book. Dani's quick tongue left me laughing and Alex made me swoon as well. Good writing!

    • This was not one of my favorite books but I haven't been able to determine if it was the story or the author. The story had several parts of it that seemed so unrealistic to me that it was hard for me to get interested in the story line. The ending was predictable yet left what I considered important elements of the story unanswered.

    • Interesting use of the Gardian idea. difference tween spanish (Argentine culture)rights of women, and Big City American. views of "Feminism". Enjoyable read not "EARTH SHATTERING" but worth the time. (much better than most television at the least).

    • OK book, fast reading. Alex Mendenares must keep his daughter safe while searching for the acient scrolls entrusted to his family. Dani Arnold comes to the aid of Maria and is plunged ino the dangerous mystery.

    • I found the background detail non-existent and the plot line thin. The decision making of the lead character is ridiculous. I kept putting the book down, then coming back thinking it has to get better. It was the same throughout.

    • lame. a mushy story of a macho man who thinks he should rule over women and they should just obey. A girl who falls for that crap. Several instances where the author forgot who was actually talking and confused the characters. A very weak novel.

    • I was super interested in reading this book after reading the synopsis on the back. It seemed like it was going to be a fun fantasy-mystery-romance novel. After reading the Prologue, however, I have decided that it is too Christian-mythology heavy and have decided not to continue reading it.

    • The book was on point the whole way through until the end. Had a great build up and then was a little disappointing. That being said I like to read books that keep my attention and I can read in a day or two. All in all a good read.

    • Loved the little girl, but chemistry between Dani and hero just didn't do it for me. They never seemed to be together long enough to bond

    • The book intrigued me from the beginning. Very different story that what I've read before from this author. The story dragged a litle in the middle for me, but ended up okay. Overall a good book.

    • Very clever read, and how she uses her writing skills to weave a story that has intrigue, romance, mothering, and a lot of really true and honest emotions.

    • The premise for this book sounded so good, but the dialogue was terrible. it didn't sound like it was written in this century. just not a believable story.

    • I really liked this story. It was about religious scrolls and the family keeping them safe in this century. The characters were believable and had depth.

    • Okay story, weird father.This story had a weird standoffish father, that the heroine fell for. The romance part was very short and not very believable.

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