Tellers A great tribute to storytelling d the difference it makes in our lives Rick Moss is a writer with dazzling creative finesse Elyse Best Reviewer LIMITED EDITION BOOKPLATE OFFER Get your free bookpla

  • Title: Tellers
  • Author: Rick Moss
  • ISBN: 9780983166627
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • A great tribute to storytelling.d the difference it makes in our lives Rick Moss is a writer with dazzling creative finesse Elyse, 3 Best Reviewer LIMITED EDITION BOOKPLATE OFFER Get your free bookplate, designed and autographed by the author.Go to the Tellers website for the details and entry form.ABOUT TELLERS The C A great tribute to storytelling.d the difference it makes in our lives Rick Moss is a writer with dazzling creative finesse Elyse, 3 Best Reviewer LIMITED EDITION BOOKPLATE OFFER Get your free bookplate, designed and autographed by the author.Go to the Tellers website for the details and entry form.ABOUT TELLERS The Colony is in mourning The residents of the Hudson Valley farming collective share a close knit life and a vision for remaking urban neighborhoods with the skills they are learning They have also shared a loss so devastating they fear the shock will undermine all their efforts.In a scheme to unburden themselves, they turn to storytelling Through their heartrending accounts, we view blighted American cities from society s fringes from the squatter homes of Detroit to the embattled streets of Philadelphia We meet a veteran who returns home to find his neighborhood walled off into a ghetto, an architect who drafts blueprints from the dreams of the dispossessed, and take a hellish subway ride through a dystopian New York In their tales, we witness the tug of war between blame and forgiveness and, ultimately, the cathartic power of storytellingAISE FOR TELLERS In Tellers Rick Moss has given us a Matryoshka doll of a book stories nesting inside stories nesting inside stories Taken one at a time, each of these stories has a lesson Taken in pairs, patterns emerge Taken as a whole, there may just be a lesson or two here for all of us about love, life, failure, redemption, technology, mythology, families, and even social justice Ryan Mathews, best selling author, futurist Rick Moss s Tellers is a literary visual tour de force This second novel by the author is original in structure and style with richly layered and diverse set of characters Turning on the notion of storytelling as healing medium, it weaves foreboding imageries of painful memories and dystopian futures with those of hope, birth, and rebirth The dialogue is alive, gritty, and cuts to the core Moss maintains a tight narrative and a quick pace as the story advances in parallel from and to a fateful event Mohamed Amer Anthony Burgess A Clockwork Orange Tom Wolfe Electric Kool Aid Acid Test and Hunter S Thompson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas come to mind Novels you go back and read again every ten years or so because each time you do the thinking leads you to new insight into your current situation and environment Today s read of Tellers may evoke thoughts of the Branch Davidians at Waco and our relationship with institutions of authority Perhaps it will cause you to contemplate the effects of pollution and climate Or, as we digest the recent political season, to simply reconsider the importance of the narrative in our lives But it will make you think Ben Ball

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    • Rick Moss

      Rick Moss is the author of two novels, the newly released Tellers and Ebocloud, a literary thriller about a utopian social media movement Ebocloud was included in the syllabus for a Duke University literature course, alongside William Gibson s Neuromancer and Dave Eggers The Circle Please see at ebocloudMost of Rick Moss s career has been devoted to design print, video, multimedia and web He is a principle and co founder of the online business forum, RetailWire, where he oversees and writes editorial and marketing content for such clients as IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft His editorials have appeared in USA Today and he is a regular contributor to Forbes.Rick Moss currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.Mr Moss was born on an Air Force base in post War Japan He grew up in rural Maryland and suburban Balti He met his wife Catherine at art college in Oakland, California They have two adult daughters, Alison and Genna, both also involved in the creative arts.

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    • ”Any case, all the digital whatnot is gone, as is all the geeks what made ‘em. And with ‘em went the power, water, and wherewithal to keep the world in some semblance of livability. As I look at it, when you got a world ruled by geeks that’s got too complicated for even the geeks to comprehend, it’s an epic cluster-fuck waiting to happen, which is exactly what did happen, thereby once and forever ending everything down into this present sinkhole of total, irreversible uselessness.”I [...]

    • At times I thought back to my days living on a Kibbutz in Israel while reading Rick Moss's book. When the Yom Kippur war broke out, some of the American volunteers not only started to panic but their speaking turned to blame. The Israelis put and end to their behavior. No way would they tolerate outspoken nastiness. In this story.A community of folks- each with different backgrounds have come together as their "Colony family". It's a place to express love and ideals - and a place to heal. But w [...]

    • The best example of storytelling-as-plot in all history probably belongs to our almighty Geoffrey Chaucer. No plot? Well For a master, this might actually seem to present no problem at allLet the players themselves color their shared route towards Canterbury Cathedral. The journey is waaaay more important than the destination. If anything, this physical collaboration, the one unifying collective direction, is largely irrelevant to some extent. In his new, very modern (postapocalipticalish) novel [...]

    • The cells on average in the human body are replaced every seven years. So what are we? What assures our continuity? What over the course of our lives constitutes the discrete individual each of us refers to as 'me'?People are their stories. In fact, history is the aggregation of millions of individual stories into a collective narrative which attempts to embrace the substance, style, direction, purpose of all those individual stories.In this highly unique and creative novel, we are thrust into t [...]

    • **I received this book from the author in exchange for a review**This is one of the most unique books, I have read in a long time. At first, I did not understand what the author was trying to do because the timeline jumps around a little. It didn't take long to get hooked, though. This would have been a completely different book if the author chose to write the story in a linear fashion and just "told" the reader what happened. By showing us the story through the viewpoints of the various charac [...]

    • Pull up a stoop and listen!It has taken me awhile to review this because I wanted to do justice to Tellers. Some thoughts: Writing is exact, gorgeous and rich. Offers haunting visuals, some of which come up for me as I think about our current national angst. While the issues are contemporary and old, both, I often think how remarkably prescient Rick has been in naming the deeper currents that have surfaced so glaringly right now.He brings a wickedly keen mind to his characters. There is a wide a [...]

    • 3.5 stars really, but after all the updates, still doesn't allow half stars. Ha. Finally getting around to reviewing this book. All in all, I really enjoyed the book. It took me a little longer to get into it than I usually like (maybe sixty pages or so), but once I had gotten into it, I was into it, if that makes any sense. At first, it is a little hard to understand what is going on. You kind of get thrown into this story, and you're like, "Wait. what? Go back" But then, you get into the swin [...]

    • First off, I received this book for free from the Giveaway.Second, I feel a lot of things about this book and not everything might make sense, but do know I loved this book and people who enjoy dystopian novels more in the vein of Station Eleven (less actiony I mean) or the show Black Mirror should totally read it.Now, this book was a total surprise. I remember being interested in the synopsis, interested enough to enter the giveaway. Boy and I glad I did. For such a short book, it built an ext [...]

    • A Story About Story Tellers and Their Dystopian Thriller I found this work to be brilliant in its originality of goal and premise. To be able to portray several wonderful "Tellers", requires skill beyond simply one style of storytelling. Also the deterioration of society was of a plausible degree and not at all too far fetched. Meanwhile the underlying events were tantalizingly pieced together via alternating movements backward/forward in time and from the various storyteller points of view. I w [...]

    • This was an absolute joy to read.The characters became so known to me, despite the how relatively short this book is. Though their stories, we learn so much about them - whether that be an abstract ideology or cold hard facts about their life experiences.I also enjoyed the structure of the chapters, as we as the readers were drawn into the 'event', projecting and then backfilling my views on the characters.I'll certainly be looking out for other work by Rick Moss.This was one as a Giveaway, so [...]

    • This was a pretty good read. I enjoy the way the author told thr story. It was a quick and interesting read. Loved the colors on the cover.

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