Stable Mates

Stable Mates Fans of Fiona Walker will love this book ThatThingSheReadsWelcome to tranquil Tippermere an idyllic village nestled deep in the Cheshire countryside Home to lords and ladies horsemen and farmers an

  • Title: Stable Mates
  • Author: Zara Stoneley
  • ISBN: 9780008101732
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fans of Fiona Walker will love this book ThatThingSheReadsWelcome to tranquil Tippermere, an idyllic village nestled deep in the Cheshire countryside Home to lords and ladies, horsemen and farmers, and plenty of secrets and scandals Leaving a scumbag ex behind her, Lottie Brinkley has hotfooted it out of Spain and back home to the country in serious need of some flirt Fans of Fiona Walker will love this book ThatThingSheReadsWelcome to tranquil Tippermere, an idyllic village nestled deep in the Cheshire countryside Home to lords and ladies, horsemen and farmers, and plenty of secrets and scandals Leaving a scumbag ex behind her, Lottie Brinkley has hotfooted it out of Spain and back home to the country in serious need of some flirtatious fun to soothe her aching heart.Luckily for her she s spoilt for choice with not one but three eligible bachelors offering a steamy romp in the hay But faced with the attentions of roguish eventer Rory Steel, the smiling Irish eyes of hunky farrier Mick O Neal, and mysterious newcomer Tom Strachan, how can she possibly choose When billionaire landowner Marcus James drops dead unexpectedly, his WAGish wife Amanda threatens to sell the heart of the village and sets her sights on Tom It seems things are heating up for little Tippermere both in and out of the saddle.

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    • Zara Stoneley

      Zara Stoneley was born in a small village in Staffordshire and wanted to be James Herriot when she grew up After completing an IT degree, working as a consultant, running a dog grooming business, teaching, and working at a veterinary practice she decided she had than enough material to write several books even if she would never qualify as a vet She lives in Cheshire with her family and a very bossy cat, and loves spending time in sunny Barcelona.Zara is currently writing a new series, the first book Summer with the Country Village Vet , published by HarperCollins is available now discover a hot vet and the most gorgeous country village ever

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    • Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+'Stable Mates' is a fast paced, eloquent slice of English life. The old money and traditions of the Cheshire set meet the new money and celebrity of wags of the soap and sports stars. Horses and dogs are an integral part of the Cheshire set and effortlessly compete with the wags for attention and money. A delightful romp peppered with humour, sadness, scandal and steamy sex. The villages of Tip [...]

    • A lovely read- fun and romps in the horsey set of Cheshire. You feel you know the village and residents of Tippermere. Lottie is the main character- but you get to know the others so well you feel that you know them. Lots of old and new money mixing. Would love a follow up to this one. Lottie is trying to decide whether to settle with her boyfriend or one of the other tasty men that catch her eye!She writes so well about the animals in the book- great for animal lovers everywhere. They are chara [...]

    • I had mixed feelings about this book. Zara Stoneley manages to create a fabulous array of characters set against a gorgeous horsey backdrop, yet at times the book seemed to drag a little. On the other hand, when the writing was at its best, it proved a delightful romp through the English countryside. The book redeemed itself towards the end and I particularly loved Lady Elizabeth who reminded me of the Dowager Duchess of Downton. This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys horses and steamy sex, [...]

    • I wish there were more stars. I loved this book. combined the best of fiona walker and jilly Cooper. what a fantastic read

    • OK, so yes, I had this book for over a year on my kindle and has just come round to read it. But as I am a part of a Blog Tour for Zara's next novel in the series tomorrow, I thought it is a great time to read "Stable Mates" as well. And oh my word, guys, why it took me so long to read it? This book is a girl's dreams come true - it has horses (I'm guessing that almost all the teenage girls in the world are horse freaks), it has brilliant characters, ah - dorable heroes, dogs, fun, spice and pep [...]

    • This review was originally posted on Star Crossed ReviewsWelcome to tranquil Tippermere, an idyllic village nestled deep in the Cheshire countryside. Home to lords and ladies, horsemen and farmers, and plenty of secrets and scandals…Leaving a scumbag ex behind her, Lottie Brinkley has hotfooted it out of Spain and back home to the country in serious need of some flirtatious fun to soothe her aching heart.Luckily for her she’s spoilt for choice with not one but three eligible bachelors offeri [...]

    • Posted originally reviewedthebook/2014So you should never judge a book by its cover but I LOVE the cover for Stable Mates. It also fits the book brilliantly and a great book it was too. Stable Mates is a fun read, a little saucy with lots of humour. Yet Zara puts so much more than that into this book – with feuds, romance, footballers and their wives and plenty of drama, this is non-stop entertainment and instead of just focusing on our main character Lottie’s life, we’re drawn into the st [...]

    • *I was given a free arc of this novel in exchange for a review as part of a blog tour: lilmissvixreads/2*I've read a fair few books for blog tours over the past year, and this is definitely up there as one of the best! I live in a close-knit rural community myself, and although North Yorkshire is decidely less glamorous than Cheshire I could relate to many of the characters, especially Lottie. Wherever life takes you you inevitably find yourself drawn back home to the people that you love, and L [...]

    • 3.5 stars. I was in love with the cover and summary when I originally saw this on Netgalley. So what's a girl to do when she's turned down to read and review on Netgalley? She bloody damn pre-orders it and squees with glee when it downloads on debut day and gets to reading. Let me just say that this one had me at "Footballer's Wives". I loved that show and I still miss it so I was thrilled to get to take this trip to Cheshire with the tony horsey set and the over the top celebrities and wannabe [...]

    • Stable Mates is one of those books that has you telling yourself that you will read one more chapter before switching the light out and going to sleep. And then, suddenly you find its 2am and you can't put the book down! Its sexy, its funny, its romantic and its a great old romp!In Stable Mates, Zara Stoneley has created an interesting, complex and at times funny group of characters in the horsey world. More than once were they picking straw out of their hair! I found the men to be sexy in their [...]

    • I would like to thank author Zara Stoneley and Harper Impulse for sending me a copy of this in exchange for a fair and honest review.When I saw this cover I was dying to read this book and I was so happy when Zara tweeted asking for reviewers, I couldn’t wait to review.Although there are a lot of characters in the book, each is given a brief outline at the beginning so you already feel that you know them as they come up in the story. I also loved the fact the book was based in Cheshire, no too [...]

    • Thank you to Harper Impulse for sending me this via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. “Stable Mates” is the perfect mix of horsey shenanigans, Cheshire glamour and flirty fun. Set in the villages of Tippermere and Kitterley Heath we meet an eclectic bunch of characters ranging from down to earth Lottie Brinkley, posh Lady Elizabeth Stanthorpe , Goth teenager Tabatha Strachan and Sam the stereotypical footballers wife. I loved all of these characters and although the main focus was [...]

    • Every now and then a book comes along that reminds you why you love reading so much. For me, Stable Mates is one of those books.From the second I saw the cover, I fell in love. Call it a moment of divine recognition but I just knew this book was for me. Being a huge fan of Fiona Walker and Jilly Cooper, I immediately realised the parallels and, with a contented sigh, let myself sink straight into the story.Zara Stoneley gives the book an air of rumpy pumpy fun, as the randy cast fall in and out [...]

    • This is my first Stoneley novel and I've heard nothing but great things about it, so when I was offered the chance to review it I jumped at the chance (despite my very busy reading schedule). I will be honest this was a bit of a slow burner for me, the first few chapters interested me, but they didn't have me itching to read more. but by the time I'd hit chapter 4 I was chomping at the bit if I couldn't get some reading time in.There is a bit of a family tree/character map with a brief bio at th [...]

    • Originally posted on: addictivechicklitI think that the cover of this book fits perfectly with the story: romance, saucy encounters, glamour and, especially, horses. And after living for a while in a ranch in the USA where everyone lived and breathed for horses, I was really looking forward to read this novel. One thing for sure, Zara Stoneley knows what she is talking about, you could feel her love for these animals and it was very interesting to learn all about events, competitions and riding [...]

    • When I first heard about Stable Mates I wasn't a hundred percent sure whether this book is the right choice for me. I am not a huge horse fan and have never attended a horse race or horse show. I was slightly worried that I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy the storyline if there was too much horse terminology. However, this novel focuses so much more on its fantastic characters and uses the horse racing environment as a brilliant backdrop. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed being transported into a wo [...]

    • Stable Mates is a hot romance or bonkbuster and not a book for those who like their romances sweet. Written in a style similar to Jilly Cooper it may not be for some readers, while others will thoroughly enjoy this romp around the Cheshire countryside involving death, disaster, passion and feuds.Rory Steel is a sexy three-day eventer and owner of a small horse yard in Tippermere. Billy Blinkley is a former superstar show-jumper with a reputation as a womaniser. Amanda James is a grieving widow a [...]

    • Stable Mates is a delightful romp through the English countryside, with manor houses, a huge host of characters and a lot of horses.There are a lot of different characters and threads of stories in this book, and most of the time I could keep track, but I didn't really feel like I knew most of the characters that well by the end of the story. I loved the story between Rory and Lottie, and reading about all the sexy jockeys and farriers. There is large amount of manipulation happening mainly caus [...]

    • I love Zara Stoneley's books, and as soon as I saw the pre-release promotional posts for Stable Mates I was hooked. With Stable Mates we have a whole new Zara, as this book is longer than her previous stories, and more of a bonkbuster, which suited me fine. It's a fab story with a great cast. Lottie is a lovely lead, there are some seriously hot guys to lust after, the action is fast, and the writing is funny, which makes for a delicious read. Zara knows her horsey stuff, but this story is about [...]

    • *** ARC provided via NetGalley by HarperCollins UK, HarperImpulse in exchange for an honest review***This book was fantastically fun to read. It was a perfect mix of glamour, shenanigans and quirky fun! The story is set in two villages where we meet all sorts of characters ranging from the down to earth, the posh, the goth and the celebrities!! LOL The main focus of course on Lottie, our down to earth girl! The book is full of little mysteries which all add up to a brilliant read where you just [...]

    • i was given this book for a honest review i loved the book thanks to jb johnson for letting me join you as part of the blog tour. i loved the cover of the book thats why i signed up for thisi think rory was interesting as women loved him but he wasnt interested in anyone but charlotte which this storyline was very interesting i loved all the characters they all had interesting parts and elizabeth story with the secrecy and that was good and i teresting into finding what she was up tois book was [...]

    • Love the cover and the synopsis. I was so excited to be approved for a preview copy.I was expecting a Jilly Cooper or Tilly Bagshawe type book. Racy, breezy, snarky and fun.While this book has all those elements, it doesn't quite fulfil the promise. There are some quirky characters, there are some great plot elements, there are some hilariously awesome scenes. But in between it drags and made me skim many pages.The book definitely has great potential, and I would read more by this author.

    • Honest review for Net Galley.I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about reading this one. The first couple of pages made me think it was going to be very rude indeed! However as I read on there was a good storyline to it.I love horses, the countryside and a good old romance, so I loved this book.My favourite character of the book was Elizabeth, who was the main characters Grandmother, she was very cunning and kept everyone on their toes.Lottie the main character was brilliant, she attracted al [...]

    • I loved the fact that this book is set in the Good old English countryside. This is a book that has raunchy parts in it but what more could you ask for as all the characters seem to be falling in and out of bed with each other. I knew when I saw the cover that this book would be for me as it seems fun and I couldn't wait to get stuck in. I will be reading more of Zara's books and I would recommend her.

    • Loved this fun and sexy read set in the fictional Tippermere! You will be rooting for Lottie and her choice of hot steeds and falling a little bit in love with all of the characters. Definitely reminded me of up-to-date Jilly Cooper with laughs a plenty and lots of steamy moments too! Highly recommended!

    • Stable Mates is a book set in the countryside of Cheshire. The many characters, both human & animal are a mixture of fun, frivolity & friendliness.There is a family feud which unravels with the help of a few of the characters. This is a fast paced, raunchy book with both humour & seriousness. I was lucky enough to be sent Stable Mates as an ARC by Zara Stoneley

    • I read this book in stages. Not because I couldn't get into it, quite the opposite. I wanted it to last a bit longer to prolong my enjoyment. I could so see this book being made into a TV series. Perfect for a Friday night treat!

    • Only in the countryside can you find a good down to earth family feud. It almost seemed like maybe the animals were in on it too. It’s very fast paced and you've got to pay attention to the many characters. Very upbeat and yes hold on to your saddle you're in for a wild ride

    • What a ride! I loved this romp from the quaint tradition of English landowners through WAG life. A must if you enjoy a hearty and heart-felt bonkbuster saga a la Queen Jilly Cooper.

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