Sail Since the death of her husband Anne Dunne and her three children have struggled in every way In a last ditch effort to save the family Anne plans an elaborate sailing vacation to bring everyone toge

  • Title: Sail
  • Author: James Patterson Howard Roughan
  • ISBN: 9780316018708
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Since the death of her husband, Anne Dunne and her three children have struggled in every way In a last ditch effort to save the family, Anne plans an elaborate sailing vacation to bring everyone together once again But only an hour out of port, everything is going wrong The teenage daughter, Carrie, is planning to drown herself The teenage son, Mark, is high on drugsSince the death of her husband, Anne Dunne and her three children have struggled in every way In a last ditch effort to save the family, Anne plans an elaborate sailing vacation to bring everyone together once again But only an hour out of port, everything is going wrong The teenage daughter, Carrie, is planning to drown herself The teenage son, Mark, is high on drugs and ten year old Ernie is nearly catatonic This is the worst vacation ever.Anne manages to pull things together bit by bit, but just as they begin feeling like a family again, something catastrophic happens Survival may be the least of their concerns Written with the blistering pace and shocking twists that only James Patterson can master, Sail takes Lost and Survivor to a new level of terror.

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      Official US SiteOfficial UK SiteBookShotsJIMMY Patterson BooksOfficial Site for James Patterson s Middle School SeriesReadKiddoReadJames Patterson has created enduring fictional characters than any other novelist writing today with his Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women s Murder Club, Private, NYPD Red, Daniel X, Maximum Ride, and Middle School series As of January 2016, he has sold over 350 million books worldwide and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most 1 New York Times bestsellers In addition to writing the thriller novels for which he is best known, he also writes children s, middle grade, and young adult fiction and is also the first author to have 1 new titles simultaneously on the New York Times adult and children s bestsellers lists.The son of an insurance salesman and a schoolteacher, Patterson grew up in Newburgh, New York, and began casually writing at the age of nineteen In 1969, he graduated from Manhattan College He was given a full ride to Vanderbilt University s graduate program in English but dropped out after a year, knowing that he wouldn t be able to continue reading and writing for pleasure if he became a college professor.Instead, he moved to New York to become a junior copywriter for the advertising agency J Walter Thompson, eventually becoming CEO of its North American company.In 1976, while still working for J Walter Thompson, Patterson published his first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, with Little, Brown and Company After being turned down by thirty one publishers, it won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel Patterson s 1993 novel, Along Came a Spider, his first novel to feature Alex Cross, was also his first New York Times bestseller in fiction.In 2001, Morgan Freeman starred as Alex Cross in a film adaptation of Along Came a Spider, and Tyler Perry also played the character in the 2012 film Alex Cross A film adaptation of Patterson s middle grade novel Middle School The Worst Years of My Life will be released in theaters in October 2016.For his initiatives to help kids become passionate readers and for his philanthropic efforts, Patterson was awarded the National Book Foundation s 2015 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community James Patterson has donated than one million books to students, emphasizing some of the most under resourced schools and youth programs in the country In 2015, Patterson donated 1.75 million to school libraries throughout the United States, and 250,000 in holiday bonuses to individual bookstore employees He also gave 1 million to independent bookstores in 2014.Patterson has recently donated over 26 million to his and his wife s alma maters the University of Wisconsin, Vanderbilt University, and Manhattan College and he has established over four hundred Teacher Education Scholarships at twenty four colleges and universities throughout the country Patterson has also donated over 650,000 books to U.S soldiers at home and overseas In May 2015, Patterson launched a new children s book imprint at Little, Brown, called JIMMY Patterson, that is unwaveringly focused on one goal turning kids into lifelong readers This imprint also provides resources, strategies, and programs to serve teachers, parents, librarians, and booksellers Patterson will be investing proceeds from the sales of JIMMY Patterson Books in pro reading initiatives Patterson has also founded ReadKiddoRead, a website designed to help parents, teachers, and librarians ignite a new generation s excitement for reading.

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    • Here's some advice: Read a really bad book before you pick up this one.I quit at chapter 60. Why are the chapters only 2 pages long? Why are most of the paragraphs only 2 sentences long? Why is everyone beautiful and a millionaire? Why is the 45 yr old mother/heart surgeon so immature and stupid? How accurate are the medical situations in this book? (Isn't a tourniquet a LAST resort because you can lose your friggin LEG?!) Why is there no depth in this book? Why are problems solved so quickly an [...]

    • 3.0-3.5*Not bad. I liked it but certainly not my favorite James Patterson co-written book. I was drawn to the book because of the lost at sea aspect; a scenario that is terrifying! The mixture of a murder plot and scandalous relationships really added to the plot. I did not connect with the characters and found the story a bit predictable. I am not one that is going to complain about the typical shark scene of being lost at sea because, well, honestly as a reader I was waiting for it. The snake [...]

    • This may be the stupidest book I have ever read. I ran to the library before our vacation to get some books to read at the beach. This book says on the back something like "may be the perfect book to read at the beach" so I checked it out. I haven't read any other books by this guy so I don't know if it is normal for him to write like this or not. I was in the mood for something sort of mindlessly entertaining but I wasn't expecting something designed for the absolutely lowest common denominator [...]

    • "I'MMA KILLMYSELF! WE'RE SINKING! BOOM! HOMIGOD A SHARK! SNAAAAAAAKES! Oh and throw a ghost in for good measure." There, now you don't really have to read this drivel! I've never read a James Patterson book before and I don't think I'll read a second. It reads like a goosebumps book* that he had to pepper with "adult themes" Y'know because adults cheat on everyone all the time. It's also dreadfully dull, probably because each obstacle was so easily over come that more had to appear, to just offs [...]

    • I must say that I'm stumped by the rave reviews on this one. I guess I’m squarely in the camp of the reviewers who found this book to be predictable, with a flimsy plot and even flimsier characters. The only thing that kept me reading on was that each “chapter” was only 1-2 pages long. At some point, it was entertaining to see how bad the writing could get. Apparently, there’s nothing that a big name author with a big marketing budget and a nice cover can’t overcome. There were no unex [...]

    • The lure of the airport bookshelf with signs extolling the wonders of Mr. Patterson's writing, the accolades heaped upon the book, etc. I should have known. Luckily I took some other books with me on holiday. I soldiered on, hoping it would get better, but it felt like wasted time.I didn't connect with any of the characters, they seemed very two-dimensional. The plot didn't either grab or surprise me either. Sadly as my first James Patterson, I'm not inclined to try any others. In fact, a book I [...]

    • This was a real good story and had a great endingI am so glad he left out all that gory stuff, kept me on the edge of my seat. Don't know if I will be getting on a sailboat for a vacation any time soon!!Patterson has won me back after this bookSusan

    • Sad to say, but I only made it about 45 pages into this book before I decided to move it along unread. The story sounded like it might be on shaky ground to begin with but I had heard such great things about the author that I was determined to give it a fair shot.The story goes that a family that has recently fallen apart since the death of the father that acted as the linchpin takes a vacation on the very boat that was the scene of the father's death. Mom, who is a workaholic heart surgeon, is [...]

    • This book would probably be best read by a person who doesn't read very many books, if such a person were looking for something light to read at the beach or on an airplane. I wasn't familiar with Patterson & Co's books until I happened across this one at the library. The plotline sounded interesting and I do love a good mystery but it just didn't pan out. Plus, they kinda lost me in the first few chapters -- if you're headed out on a 2 month sailboat trip and on the first day, your daughter [...]

    • This story, with its many different layers and one disaster occuring after the next is riviting. (Sorry Lisa, I really wanted to hate it) The idea that so much could go wrong on one family vacation trip makes me feel bad for complaining about all the excursions my parents lugged us on as kids. They had nothing on this trip from hell. And then to come out of everything to discover that someone you loved and trusted set you up to die is infuriatingd they get away with itrt of. The end had me gloat [...]

    • This novel reads like a bad movie script the kind of film that goes straight to DVD and stars a cast you don't recognize. The Dunne family is planning to sail around the Bahamas for a two-month summer getaway. What we know of each character we are told in a "cheat sheet" that is provided before the prologue literally, the authors give a paragraph synopsis about each character, giving their name, age, weaknesses and a bit of back story. And they never seem to evolve past that page-one summary. Th [...]

    • Final ruinat, dar devine un soi de regula pentru romanele lui James Patterson. Pentru o dupa-amiza cand nu ai ce sa faci, romanul acesta e perfect. Se citeste repede, e plin de clisee si extrem de uitabil. Si nici nu trebuie sa te soliciti prea mult in timpul lecturii - deloc, as zice.

    • I've read other books by James Patterson. This, however, was the first I've read by him with a secondary author. The "short chapter" style is typical James Patterson. What I don't understand is this: Were they both responsible for the story? I wonder because the storyline was pretty far-fetched and hideous. I just kept thinking, "They're doing what? That's stupid." Honestly, I think I'd head back to the dock after the first snafu. Or, “What idiot put dive tanks in an overhead locker?” I have [...]

    • This book was easy to read and kept me engrossed throughout. I made predictions on what was going to happen every time I finished a chapter and I was surprised of the outcome. Some of my guessing was right, but some were wrong and that made me excited to continue reading. My favorite character in the book was Katherine Dunne. Katherine’s life gives one’s desire to have besides the unbalance family. Katherine has a good career, wealthy and a second husband who she was deeply in love with. Fro [...]

    • I like James Patterson. I wanted to like this book. I really tried but this was terrible. Maybe it's because of the whole "co-author" nonsense, but this is just an embarrassing effort. In fact, if you are a speed reader then this is the perfect book for you; no depth, lazy writing, no development of characters you just want to get through it as quickly as possible. It reminds me of some of the drivel churned out by John Grisham in recent years; his early work was so good and then he got complace [...]

    • The only reason this book was published was because James Patterson's name was associated with it. There is no way he wrote this. It was horribly written. of which sounded like a ninth grader. The story had an interesting premise but was terribly written, predictable and annoying.

    • Not my favorite of Patterson's books, but I did like the ending. I always love it when they get what's coming to them :)

    • Time taken to read - < 1 dayPages - 388Publisher - ArrowBlurb from "Barely out of sight of land, the Dunne family finds its summer getaway to paradise already turning into the trip from hell. Carrie, the eldest, has thrown herself off the side of the boat in a bid for attention. Sixteen-year-old Mark is getting high belowdecks. And Ernie, their ten-year-old brother. is nearly catatonic. It's shaping up to be the worst vacation ever." "Katherine Dunne had hoped this trip would bring back the t [...]

    • Preferring something quick and easy to read while travelling recently I accepted my husband’s suggestion of reading this title which he had just finished. He is a fan of James Patterson novels and although feeling this one is far from his best, thought I would find it good enough to hold my interest. It did, I devoured it in just a few days not for any reason other than it was an easy read though.The book is divided into six parts plus a prologue and an epilogue. The Dunne family consisting of [...]

    • Awesome book!! Surprisingly, this was the VERY FIRST James Patterson book I read, and before reading it, I was not into reading books at all, not since I was much younger, in high school. I had tried to get back into reading over the years, but just didn't take the time to do so. I was at a book store and Sail happened to catch my eye on the book stand. So I bought it and ended up reading it in like 3 days!! This was just about 6 months ago. Since then, I have ready over 15 James Patterson books [...]

    • "Written with the blistering pace and shocking twists that only James Patterson can master, SAIL takes "Lost" and "Survivor" to a new level of terror."Umt so much! I've never read anything by James Patterson before, and I don't think I will again. I didn't like this one at all. I picked it up at the library because I like sailing and adventure, but this one was really boring. It was like an outline of a plot - there was no indepth look at characters or details of the mystery or anything. No exci [...]

    • Fast paced, good story, if a bit predictable. My only real problem with the story is I find it hard to believe that Katherine would so easily trust Peter after her first husband cheated on her. An experience like that makes it hard to trust again, even if it is a different person. I'd be able to believe her blind trust in Peter if 1st hubby Stuart was a great husband then she'd be ignorant to Peter's deceit.

    • This book was not that great, but for some reason I could not stop listening to it. There was just something about it that intrigued me.

    • Another page turner from Patterson. The only thing missing was the development of the children. They go from spoilt trust fund kids to young people fighting the odds and surviving a shipwreck. But the transition between the two extremes isn't a gradual thing as it would be in real life, it just happens overnight.The ending was a little too contrived and I am glad this wasn't a series as the DEA agent who just keeps killing suspects, being suspended and then brought back to work to kill again was [...]

    • Oh my goodness what a woeful read! It was predictable & corny and only made worse by the fact that I'm a slow reader. I had nothing else to read on holiday so I persevered with it. I can safely say I will never read another James Patterson novel. Probably appeals to the young reader; after all I used to devour Jilly Cooper books!

    • Description- Since the death of her husband, Anne Dunne and her three children have struggled in every way. In a last ditch effort to save the family, Anne plans an elaborate sailing vacation to bring everyone together once again. But only an hour out of port, everything is going wrong. The teenage daughter, Carrie, is planning to drown herself. The teenage son, Mark, is high on drugs and ten-year-old Ernie is nearly catatonic. This is the worst vacation ever.Anne manages to pull things together [...]

    • I enjoyed this book, but it annoyed me too. It was def action packed and I was so sure Peter would suffer, but he managed to get off. I was not happy about that. He did meet his end horribly spot was well worth the turn around. I was truly engulfed in this. Sucks Jake had to pass. I am still wondering abt the story Ellen told if he was bad and a drug dealer. I have so many questions lol it was a rather happy ending. Not a four star at all.

    • "Sail" is about Katherine Dunne and her three children, who all have been recovering from the death of Stuart Dunne, her husband. Katherine decides that a good way for the family to reform is to go on a sailing trip together, along with their uncle (Katherine's step-brother), Jake. Also, while Katherine is on the trip her newly-wed husband of a few months, Peter, is back in New York with his mistress and maybe a scandolous affair of his own. Little does Katherine know that this trip with her chi [...]

    • Pretty shit at first, the story improved a little at the end, though I would not have got there had this not been literally the only book available. Workaholic Mum decides that she is distant from her bickering kids, and the solution is to take 2 months off work and take them sailing in their dead father's boat, with their father's brother, who she had an affair with years before, in fact, he is secretly father to one of the kids. Very soon after setting sail, the bulimic daughter, who they know [...]

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