The Perfume Lover: A Personal History of Scent

The Perfume Lover A Personal History of Scent The Perfume Lover is a candid personal account of the process of composing a fragrance filled with sensual scent descriptions sexy tidbits and historical vignettes What if the most beautiful night

  • Title: The Perfume Lover: A Personal History of Scent
  • Author: Denyse Beaulieu
  • ISBN: 9781250025012
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Perfume Lover is a candid personal account of the process of composing a fragrance, filled with sensual scent descriptions, sexy tidbits, and historical vignettes.What if the most beautiful night in your life inspired a perfume When Denyse Beaulieu was growing up near Montreal, perfume was forbidden in her house, spurring a childhood curiosity that became an intellectuThe Perfume Lover is a candid personal account of the process of composing a fragrance, filled with sensual scent descriptions, sexy tidbits, and historical vignettes.What if the most beautiful night in your life inspired a perfume When Denyse Beaulieu was growing up near Montreal, perfume was forbidden in her house, spurring a childhood curiosity that became an intellectual and sensual passion It is this passion she pursued all the way to Paris, where she now lives, and which led her to become a respected fragrance writer But little did she know that it would also lead her to achieve a perfume lover s wildest dream When Denyse tells famous perfumer Betrand Duchaufour at L Artisan Parfumeur of a sensual night spent in Seville under a blossoming orange tree, wrapped in the arms of a beautiful man, the story stirs his imagination and together they create a scent that captures the essence of that night As their unique creative collaboration unfolds, the perfume in progress conjures intimate memories, leading Beaulieu to make sense of her life through scents Throughout the book, she weaves the evocative history of perfumery into her personal journey, in an intensely passionate voice the masters and the masterpieces, the myths and the myth busting, down to the molecular mysteries that weld our flesh to flowers.Now, just to set your nostrils aquiver S ville l aube is an orange blossom oriental with zesty, green and balsamic effects, with notes of petitgrain, petitgrain citronnier, orange blossom, beeswax, incense, and lavender, and is now available at fragrance outlets in the U.S.

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    • Denyse Beaulieu

      Denyse Beaulieu Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Perfume Lover: A Personal History of Scent book, this is one of the most wanted Denyse Beaulieu author readers around the world.

    990 thoughts on “The Perfume Lover: A Personal History of Scent

    • I spent 85% of this book wanting to smack Denyse Beaulieu in her smug, self-satisfied, ever-so-seductive face. To wit:Despite my admiration for the cavity-inducing Hypnotic Poison, olfactory pastries were never something I could get particularly worked up about. I may want to offer myself up at dessert when the mood strikes; I don't want to smell of it. Which is why Bertrand Duchaufour's take on vanilla delights me particularly: it reminds me of something I'd much rather wrap my lips around afte [...]

    • This book is often tagged with the line “What if the most beautiful night in your life inspired a perfume?” So, I was expecting a long, overly-romantic retelling of a heavenly sexual experience that went on for an entire book culminating into “and then it became a perfume”. Which wouldn’t have been a bad thing because hey, everyone could use a lusciously romantic story once in awhile. Especially one that’s actually true.How very mistaken I was. Denyse is one of the sassiest, most fun [...]

    • Before we go any further, you must know three things about Denyse Beaulieu- she writes about perfume, writes about erotica, and is an escapee from a literary background. In her mind, scents and sensuality are inexorably linked, and with the use of literature as historical reference (a smattering of Marquis de Sade here, and Kant there, you understand). Her sexual life is offered to the reader with spread open thighs- to tie all three points together - which doesn't work in the end. The novel is [...]

    • A most interesting mixture of history and a sensual personal story. Like a perfume this story probably wears better on some than others. I'm a rather bland individual, I buy the cheaper gas, cheap bread, socks in packages of 20, and have no real sophisticated tastes. Thus this books was a step into a whole other world. The author's approach to developing a new perfume goes, "It should make me want to say a prayer and get my knickers ripped off, at the same time." Nothing very bland about that, I [...]

    • This is one of the best books on perfume out there right now. It blends the hard science of creating a scent with titillating personal memoirs of romantic travels abroad. The character portrayals are honest without being catty, the descriptive power of the prose is evocative and specific, and the entire book has a wonderful personal voice to it that kept me reading for hours. Definitely a book for both 'fumeheads (like me) and people only marginally interested in the topic of perfumery. All in a [...]

    • Just posted this over on .I'm resisting the urge to rate this book lower than the three stars I've given it. The book isn't badly written, it's just that the narrator is insufferably self-centered. It is, after all, a personal history of scent, so some degree of self-aggrandizement is to be expected. The author interweaves her past experiences with a present-day narrative of developing a scent based upon one of these stories with Bertrand Duchaufour, perfumist of L'Artisan Parfumeur. Interesting [...]

    • This was the first book I received as a giveaway, along with a surprise sample of perfume! I really would like to give The Perfume Lover a 3.5 - parts of it were fascinating, yet the overall organization kept it from the extra star.What this book did well is tell the complex story of how a perfume is made. The sections highlighting the author's interactions with perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour were compelling, a true lesson in the evocative power of scent. The snippets of perfume history were also [...]

    • The Perfume Love by Denyse Beaulieu is an interesting look into the life of a woman and the birth of a perfume. Denyse's father didn't allow perfume in the house when she was a child and because of or in spite of that Denyse was and still is fascinated by scent and the art of creating it. The Perfume Lover is the story of how a memory of a night in Seville became a perfume. Denyse works with perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour to create the scent that represents her memory of the night she spent in Sev [...]

    • See, here's an example of how someone can write an interesting memoir even when she herself is not super likable.Denyse Beaulieu tells her life story through the lens of perfume, along with the story of working closely with perfumer Bertrand Dechaufour to create the perfume that eventually became Seville a l'Aube from L'Artisan.I am a perfume hobbyist, so both parts of the story were of particular interest, and I bought a sample of Seville a l'Aube after I finished reading. I know I like that pe [...]

    • SUCH an interesting concept and for the first two thirds I very much enjoyed the descriptions of sent and learning the compositions of perfume. However, Beaulieu lost me as a reader when she sensationalised her personal life (which is obviously woven into the quest for the sent)to the extent I could not stand her, it became altogether a different book. Disappointing.

    • This is an extremely gorgeous story as well as a useful guide for any beginning perfumista is also an impressive account of the creative process. Very grateful that Ms. Beaulieu penned her tale and made such a beautiful scent!

    • It was torture to read this book galley without smelling the perfume it inspired! Anyway, just finishing my book blurb! Wait and see!

    • Probably being not being much for fashion or perfumes, I might not have chosen this book, but rather totally scientific explanation of scent, and perfume making. A friend recommended this to me, and I am thankful she took me out of my comfort zone (okay, so it's rut, not a zone). Beaulieu grew up in Montreal with a father, who though he worked in the pharmaceutical field, forbade the use of perfume. He said he was scent allergic. Of course this becomes the "forbidden fruit" for the author. It be [...]

    • In a word: Pretentious.That's the only thing I can come up with to describe the horrible-ness that is Denyse Beaulieu's book "The Perfume Lover: A Personal Hisotry of Scent." Perhaps "A Crazy, Obsessive Person's Personal History of Scent and Her Love of Herself" would be a better subtitle. Beaulieu merely comes across as condescending, self-important, and insane. She clearly does not have an ounce of self-awareness, because if she did, she would realize that she sounds like a crazy person throug [...]

    • "In this new realm I am exploring, a vanilla pod can turn into a cigar and a cigar can grow into a bale of hay; the bale can spit out an almond and the almond turn to poison".The story starts out as a story about Denyse Beaulieu's meeting with Bertrand Duchaufour that produced a perfume based on her story of a sensual night spent in Seville. However as it explores the ins and outs of producing a fragrance it also takes us back in time to discover the scents that make up Denyse's history. Explori [...]

    • Very enjoyable and informative foray into the world of perfumery. A French-Canadian who always dreamed of living in Paris, Denyse Beaulieu gives a potted biography, how she began to love perfume so much and came to be a part of that world. A mixture of biography and the art and science of perfumery, the narrative pivots around the creation of a new, bespoke perfume made for her by a top perfumer to celebrate the memory of a love affair in Seville. The chapters on perfumery were fascinating. Deny [...]

    • The Perfume Lover is a journey of a journalist critic of discovering how perfume is made. Each perfume tries to capture the moment through scent. A story has to be told of that moment that is significant to that individual. There are several stages that a perfume undergoes. It could take a year to a few years just to create a scent that would remind an individual of that moment. The perfume also reacts differently to each individual's body chemistry so not all scent is the same scent.I give the [...]

    • It's an awesome read. It touches on history of perfumes, insight into the current industry, and the process of creating a true and unique scent. The author was inspired by a memorable night of her life and took me there by describing a scent, mood, atmosphere and all the visual stimuli of that night. I've often expressed how commercial perfumes disappoint me with a decent scent and a half naked human covered in sweat as the "brand" I am buying into. This opened my eyes to a real industry includi [...]

    • I received a copy of The Perfume Lover from the GoodReads First Reads program. I don't know much about perfume so I greatly reading the chapters about the history and culture around the product, I learned a lot about it. However, I found the other personal aspects of her life that she included in this memoir not as interesting or as compelling; I was never quite sure how some of her personal stories were connected to her journey in creating the Séville à L'Aube. Overall, I recommend this novel [...]

    • A beautiful love story with a twist. It's a love affair with perfume rather than between the lovers that unfolds. Certainly well written, the history of perfume is interwoven with the author's own entrance into the world of perfumery. There were times I thought she waxed too lyrical but that was because I felt so impatient for the end result of her affairs and journey, culminating in the creation of a perfume (due out this July I think, which i'm sure to be checking out). It has sparked an inter [...]

    • The book was interesting enough for a relaxed kind of nonfiction read. Some of the discussion of perfumes from the 80s brought back memories that I had forgotten I'd had (I think I had a bottle of Baby Soft perfume when I was in jr. high, and I vaguely remember the disturbingly seductive ad campaign targeted at pre-teens) I left off on page 106 and I may come back to this later. When the weather isn't so hot. And I've taken a thorough tour of the perfume counter to better acquaint myself with th [...]

    • This was the first book of my 2015 reading challenge, and what a fabulous way to begin. This is a wonderful book that I absolutely savoured. Author Denyse Beaulieu has created a beautiful story that is part scintillating memoir, part fascinating history lesson, part thoughtful examination of the contemporary perfume industry, and part thrilling glimpse into the minds of some of the world's finest perfumers. If you have absolutely no interest in perfume, I doubt this book would feel relevant to y [...]

    • I read this because I am interested in perfume- despite the fact that I don't like 99% of commercial perfumes. It was interesting learning about the strange scents which go into perfumes and the lengthy process of adding and subtracting ingredients and the way they interact with each other. Beaulieu, however is convinced that perfume is on a par with fine art, which I think is taking things a bit far. If you are fascinated by scents & the scent-makers, you will probably enjoy this book, but [...]

    • LOVEThe first 10 pages didn't promise that I would be engulfed by the book.I am definitely re-reading it, even though I already re-read lots of chapters and paragraphs.And I feel like I rummaged through the history of perfume making, now and then.I had my emotions re-invented.I ended up with a list of perfumes to re-discover and myriad ideas to dream and incarnate.I loved it.Merci beaucoup, Denyse!

    • I really didn't take to the narrator BUT her knowledge of the perfume history is really good and so as a book on perfume making I would rate it highly, hence the 3 stars which is a balance between the two. Her erotic interludes just didn't work for me and she comes over as conceited but I guess the book is about how an erotic encounter led to her devising a perfume so to an extent it does exactly what it says on the tin or should that be bottle.

    • I'm surprised by the poor reviews and criticisms of self-indulgence aimed at this book. I enjoy the evocative, romantic tone and the way Beaulieu writes like an enthusiastic confidante of the reader, and the way the book teems with esoteric facts and anecdotes relating to perfume. I'd been wanting to read this book ever since Seville Au L'aube became my signature scent for a period. Unlike some readers I find Beaulieu's narrative voice attractive and likeable.

    • What an incredible book. Beautifully and poignantly written, and chock full with just enough information about the inner workings of fragrance to make me feel as though I was constantly learning yet not completely clueless. I don't even know how to describe this book to other people, other than to give a wholehearted recommendation that they should read it.

    • Not exactly what I was expecting- there were pages and pages and pages of technical detail/history that I'm not sure if is fiction or fact. That aside, I wonder if Habanita is a real perfume and would love to be able to fall in love in a perfume, and be able to discern the notes in one. And to have a perfume that marks you as you? Awesome. Or a perfume for every mood. Haha.

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